Dalloway Terrace | The Coral Room

Dalloway Terrace

“An elegant, poetic and quintessentially English space”

Taking inspiration from The Bloomsbury Set’s Leonard Woolf’s novel ‘The Village in the Jungle’, Dalloway Terrace has once again been transformed, this time into a tropical paradise adorned with the unique flora of Sri Lanka.

The idyllic space is now a wild jungle oasis in the capital, the perfect place to escape the streets of central London. The transformation features silk foliage stems creating a luscious overgrown jungle canopy, complete with an abundance of the giant iconic leaves of the banana plant and lavishly adorned with bright bursts of fuchsia provided by mesmerizing orchids and passion flower.



  16-22 Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3NN  /    info@thecoralroom.co.uk
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